Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dark City

"I P.R., sweetie!!!" - Edina Monsoon

I was flipping through the news channels in hopes of catching some updates on Anna Nicole "Do you like my body?" Smith's death, when I caught Anderson Cooper 360 doing some further P.R. for our wonderful city.

Who hired him for that job?

Prisoners of Crime - Murder City USA: 24 Hours in New Orleans is what the animation said just above the crawl at the bottom of the screen. Well, isn't that special?

Screw you Anderson Cooper! Blah!

Friday, February 02, 2007

The O Chronicles

I'd like to preface this, my latest chronicle of O, by saying that I don't usually DVR O's show. I only do it when I see that she will be having a celebrity on. I have to give her props for having top notch celebrities, and I love me some good celebrity interviews. Anyhoo, on with Thursday's O.

On Thursday's show, O was featuring all sorts of different products that she finds fascinating. One of them was Spanx. Spanx are footless bodyshaping tights for women. The inventor of these tights was on the show not only to peddle her product, but to say how she'd taken $5,000 dollars and turned it into millions. Naturally, I'm thinking she's very saavy in business, but I knew there was a catch. You see, she went on to explain that her inspiration for Spanx came from you know who. O. Duh, of course. Why else would she be on there? I mean, really. She's made all these millions because O inspired her a long time ago when it was mentioned that O would cut the feet part off from her stockings if she had a run in them. Crazy. Sick. I know.

OK, so she's promoting her product. The interview is going along well, and then Spanx woman mentions that she's been trying to make the world a better place one woman at a time. Honorable? Don't you think?

Wait, it gets better.

Then she goes on to say that she's "hand-delivered" (wtf!) 278 scholarships to send women to college in S. Africa. O says the name of a city in S. Africa that I was unable to decipher, and then here's where the interview and O go down a dark path. ( I had to pause and rewind a gazillion times so I hope you all appreciate this.)

Spanx woman: Yeah, and you know to me the greatest part of the success is what you're able to give back and you(turning to O) are a great teacher of that.

O: Thank you. Thank you. That's the truth. That. (Pause. Then an "Oh, shit how do I get myself out of what I just said because I want to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize" look on her face)


O: That when you give back, it also gives back to you. (Switches subject)

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii loved it!!!!!

On a related note: Al Gore was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize yesterday.

O? Not even close.

The Departed

Tonight, Msh and I went to see The Departed. I'm not totally sure what in the world I was expecting, but I was certainly entertained. This movie managed to be funny, dark, and tense throughout it's 2 hours plus in length. It just didn't let up. I recalled holding my breath more than once throughout it.

Here are my thoughts on the actors and their performances:

I've never been a fan of Matt Damon. I realized tonight it really hasn't been an issue related to his acting abilities. It's actually that I've always had a problem with his yucky pug nose. I have a problem. I know. I need to let it go because he had a really tricky part in this movie and he played it really well.

Leo has always been that Leo from Titanic. He was adorable in that movie. He's not the same guy from that movie here. He's created this character so full of complex emotions. You think you have him figured out, but then he mixes it up for you. He conveys his inner struggle so well in his eyes, that we almost didn't need all the exposition of his backkground.

Jack Nicholson didn't quite play himself in this movie. He could've reached into his bag of tricks and pulled out that well-known version of him, but he didn't. He was believable in the part.

As a bonus feature added to this harem of men, I got to see "man-paws" himself, Alec Baldwin. I have to say that even though he was sweaty and gross in one particular scene in a warehouse, I hoped at that moment that it had been so hot for him that he had to take his shirt character, naturally. Alas, it didn't happen. Then to add to my pent up glee, as I sat in a crowded theater, he unexpectedly grabs his crotch to emphasize a point to his men. Yowzers! Man-Paws! Yowzers! I'm not sure why I have this weird almost unhealthy fascination to see this man, but I do. There!

Msh and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It was well worth venturing out to the movies on a Friday night. It actually wasn't busy. I'm glad because it meant Msh wouldn't go all panicky on me. Looking forward to taking him out to the movies on a Friday next year because I know that's how long I'll have to wait. (He knows I'm kidding.)