Friday, April 08, 2011


Reading MSH's blog entry about Mary Hopkin made me think about songs from my childhood.

This Beatle's song was THE song they would play when Channel 5, in Honduras, would sign off for the night back in the 70's and most of the early 80's. I was describing it to MSH, and after over 30 years of me searching and wondering, he found it for me. In ONE night! He's amazing!

All Things Gay...

Speaking of all things gay...I found this lovely lamp on one of the main streets in my neighborhood. It turns out that it actually works when you plug it in, as you can see. I think it's lovely. and it gives my house a nice warm glow. I love warm glow.

Speaking of all things gay...My sister and I had an extended discussion of how terrible SATC 2 is from the over-the-top costumes...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

to the bad dialogue and puns..."Abu Dhabi Doo!" " Lawrence of my labia"

My biggest complaint, as it turns out, was the decision to put Liza Minnelli in the movie and have her be a gay icon for the younger men in the chorus during the wedding scenes. Do I really believe that gay men in their early to mid-twenties will go ga-ga over Liza? No. Do I believe Michael Patrick King will? Yes.

Why not pick someone like Lady Gaga, Xtina or, I'd even stoop down to, Ke$ha? Why not? I think it was a bad choice on his part, but the movie had bigger problems than poor, wobbly Liza.

Then, I got to thinking about something that happened that same day having to do with all things gay. I received my Vanity Fair with Rob Lowe on the cover. He's shirtless, but let's just say I would rather imagine him shirtless, than see him shirtless. A slight disappointment.

Anyway, I was flipping through the magazine when I saw an article on, who else? Judy Garland!

It then forced me to think about what I said about MPK. I was, for a lack of better words, literally enthralled with the piece.

Why? Not sure.

I suppose it was interesting to read about the last decade of her life when things weren't so good anymore and she was struggling to get back on top. I especially liked Polly Bergen, coming across as a total bitch, ripping Judy a new hole into the beyond by saying that she WAS a total mess and unreliable.

What is it with these women and gay men? Can anyone explain this to me? Anyone??