Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hey Bra!

Tonight I had a wonderful time listening to David Sedaris reading to me for almost two hours. I found him, at times, funny and abstruse. I left not quite knowing how to feel except maybe slightly satisfied.

Afterward, MSH and I dropped two Jasons off at their respective homes, and then drove to the local Walgreens to look for cold medicine for MSH. Overall, the whole Walgreens experience was uneventful except for always seeing the never ending traffic there is in its parking lot. Is it because they're always open? Are they selling crack at half price? What already? Believe it or not, someone's done some research into the Walgreens parking lot problem. Here's a link. (Look on p. 7)

As MSH was checking out in the endless line, I glanced beyond him and I noticed a sign. It said: $10.99 ea. - BRA'S.

First of all, I couldn't even begin to tell you what a good bra looks like, but I'm sure $10.99 bras cannot be top of the line. Correct?

Second of all, and really the first thing that caught my eye was that darned apostrophe! Why is there an apostrophe there? It's called apostrophe abuse and it must stop. Something must be done. (Till then, here's a spot with more abuses of the apostrophe:

Finally, what the hell is Walgreens doing selling bras? Who buys their bras at Walgreens? I'll have to ask some women at work how they feel about my new discovery because it perturbs me.