Friday, October 22, 2010

Scream 4

Is it just me, or does anyone else want to see Hayden Panettiere get the Scream knife!? It would be great if Katherine Heigl were in it too. I would be in heaven.

Move In My Direction

After 365 days and all these:

4301 Morris Pl.,

704 E. Jefferson Park,

527 Jefferson St. (Anne Frank may have lived upstairs),

4413 Ellen St.,

231 Riverdale Dr.,

10 Karen Ct.,

289 Brooklyn Ave.,

131 Brooklyn Ave.(contender #2 at one point),

200 Anthony Ave. (contender #1- still up for sale),

638 Gelpi Ave.,

539 Carol Ave.,

540 Carol Ave., 537 Carol Ave.,

4451 Markham Ave.,

4700 Hackberry Dr.,

3800 Alfred Place,

305 Central Ave.,


3800 Alfred Pl.,

I finally bought this house one month ago today:

Thanks to my wonderfully, patient realtor, Angela (a.k.a. Miss Daisy - she knows why) for helping me find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. It's true what they say about location, location, location.

A BIGGER thanks goes out to MSH for listening to all my fears, doubts, complaints, and craziness. He always knows how to put everything into perspective.

It's been a stressful, fun, and educational year that I will never forget every time the 1st of the month comes around. No matter what, though, it's all mine. All mine.