Monday, February 16, 2009

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Has anyone heard of "Snapped"? It's a show on Oxygen that tells the stories of women, mostly, who snapped and killed someone.

I snapped today. I didn't commit a murder, but I snapped.

I was calm driving to school. I was calm walking into to school and signing in. As soon as a co-worker said,"You're going down to the end of the breeze way." All common sense left my body.

Before I go on, let me explain. Every seven weeks, groups of teachers have early morning duty in certain spots around the school to herd students like cattle in areas so they don't crowd the already over-crowded cafeteria. The group of teachers whom I work with decided, without me, that they would rotate areas every day. The first time we did this, I was not made aware of this decision and I said it was stupid then but I went to my spot on the breeze way.

This time around, I stood in my same spot and since no one asked me to move I thought we weren't going to switch spots. Silly me. Foolish me. As soon as my co-worker told me to move, I went crazy. I crossed my arms and said I wasn't. going. to. move. Then we proceeded to argue as kids were streaming in to the school. We had smiles on our faces, but we were dead serious.

She decided to compare what I was doing to deciding against teaching one day. How dare she! There's no comparison. This is just standing outside watching kids. Who gives a fuck? (pardon my French)

Maybe this all sounds silly, but it just bothered me today. I suppose if I was to delve into this whole situation then the real problem, as I stated before, is that this decision was made without me even though I'm supposed to be on their team. Now I just have to look at it as a cleansing because I let my feelings be known. Phew!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


"Reverend Mother, I have sinned"-Julie Andrews as Maria Von Trapp

At the end of a conference with a parent of an unruly student, I not-so-casually mentioned to her that her child used Church as an excuse for not doing his homework.
Well, she wasn't pleased about him using Jesus as an excuse to not do his work, so I used her displeasure as fuel to make her child feel guilty. Yes, I used religion to make someone feel guilty. So what! The Vatican does it.

After the conference, when I picked her son up to go to class with me, I explained what we talked about with his mom and how she was displeased and at her wit's end. After volleying back and forth what I thought he should do and what he thought he actually did, I decided to change direction. So I quickly brought up Church and how he was using Jesus as an excuse to not do his homework. He then responded that Jesus was not the Church, so I shot back that he prays to Jesus in Church. Therefore, the Church is Jesus.

He teared up, and that's when I knew I'd gotten to him.

Do I feel guilty? No.

Was I desperate and grabbing at straws? Yes.

You do what you have to do.

I'm Not Talking Prada

I do not speak Prada as Isla Fisher says in her movie promo, but I wouldn't mind speaking Hugh. Hugh Dancy that is. Yummy!