Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mardi Gras!

Another Mardi Gras has come and gone and I did not drink. Kinda sucky, but it was my choice. I almost had a Bloody Mary, but I changed my mind at the very last minute.

I'm kinda liking our new tradition of seeing Zulu across from Covenant House and the police station. I would say it's as family friendly as those stuffy Metairie routes.

Debbie giving good face as Cleopatra (err, Cleopatria), Queen of the Nile.

Deb and MSH and the Homo Haters in the background. Do you see my young doctor in love?

MSH and Lloyd. Lloyd was having fun already. (wink, wink)

Along the way we ran into Geronimo. Debbie couldn't remember his name after being told quite a few times.

He had too many syllables in his name, all of four, so she asked him to shorten his name or give himself a nickname. Knowing Debbie, though, she just started calling him Geo, and then he became just "G". Ahh, Debbie.

My favorite comment echoed about Geronimo throughout our time together with him was,

"Medea's got nothing on her!"

Absolutely. Loved. It.

This lovely lady was flirting with ME. At least I think she was. I was dressed as a doctor, so she asked me if I'd done Geronimo's rack. I said yes, and she asked if I could work on hers. Sure, and it would be on the house. I mean, what else can you say to a person with a nice smile like that?

OK, I cut off her feet, but I liked what she was wearing...especially the beret and that she posed for me. I'm no sartorialist, but I tried.

Like, OK, like it's the biggest hula-hoop ever. Seriously.

This is Debbie and her boyfriend Michael Douglas.

He just kinda looks like him, but his name is really Bart.

Happy Mardi Gras !

Friday, February 01, 2008

Let Me Entertain You

OK, I'm too lazy to write anything of any significance here, so instead I'll entertain you with a picture. I don't think it needs a lot of explanation. I know I've seen this look before and so has Spaces, no?