Monday, March 03, 2008

I Don't Care - I'm Nuts - or - Both

Earlier this evening, I was over at my parents' house having dinner and afterwards settling in with People Magazine's after Oscar issue. It's one of my favorite issues of the year.

Inside, I was mesmerized at what a good picture Sharon Stone had given at one of the Oscar soirées. I've seen some busted up pictures of her on the internets lately. You can see her psycho chic below:

It just took me by surprise how good and relatively sane she looked. A big plus was possibly that she didn't look like she'd been stretched like Katherine Helmond in Brazil.

Her picture caught my eye and so I decided to read the short caption and was liking what she was saying about her outfit and her jewelry. That is until she mentioned...Screeeeech!....the rat. Yes, the rat. Actually, it's a rat's foot. An icky rat's foot on a pin pinned to her jacket. Ewwww!

You had me until the rat Sharon Stone. You did.

So...does she not care? she nuts?...or...Is she a little bit of both?

I say both.